Windshield Replacement

Does my windshield need to be replaced?

At Capital Auto Glass, we always prefer to repair your windshield instead of replacing your glass. A simple chip repair saves you money and time. But it’s not always the best option.

Why not a stone chip repair?

To repair a stone chip, we inject it with a clear resin. It partially conceals the lines of the crack and prevents it from spreading. The resin bonds to the glass and provides some additional strength, but your windshield is not restored to its original strength. For this reason, some cracks are too big to safely fill. If we feel that a chip or crack may compromise the safety of your vehicle, or your view of the road, we will suggest a windshield replacement.

As a rough guide, if your chip can be covered by a quarter, we can repair it. But, if the crack is deep, and damages both layers of glass, it may need to be replaced. Also, if it’s located along the edge of your windshield, or if it covers something like an antenna or rain sensor, you may need a replacement.


How much does it cost?

Many factors will affect the cost of replacing a windshield. The size of the windshield that needs to be replaced will be one of the main factors that determine the price. The bigger your windshield is, the more it will cost to replace. The complexity and fittings will also determine the cost. Things like mirror attachments, special coatings, heat/rain sensors can add significantly to the cost of windshield replacement. Other options like choosing OEM/factory glass versus aftermarket, and whether you have insurance coverage will change how much you pay to replace your windshield.

How much time does it take?

In most cases, a windshield replacement process will only take about three or four hours. This assumes that the replacement glass is in stock and available and no complications arise. It can take between a day and a week for glass to be delivered if it needs to be ordered in.

Does my car need to sit for a while after the windshield has been replaced?

Your vehicle is safe to drive away when we return your keys to you. We will inform you if there are any special circumstances concerning your windshield replacement. Typically we ask you to avoid car washes for two days. Additional instructions may apply if your windshield comes with an Auqapel coating.

What’s the windshield-replacement process?

  1. Protect the surfaces of your vehicle with a cover
  2. Remove the rearview mirror and cut out the glass with specialized tools
  3. Trim urethane and clean/prime surfaces of both new windshield and vehicle
  4. Apply quick-drying urethane adhesive
  5. Install windshield, and reinstall cowlings, mouldings, rear view mirror, wipers, etc.
  6. The windshield must set for at least an hour following installation

Do you repair and replace sunroofs?

Capital Auto Glass is Regina's experienced sunroof repair and replacement centre. We service every sunroof make and model including finding replacement parts for factory and aftermarket installed sunroofs.

What makes Capital Auto Glass special?

With over 30 combined years of experience, you can trust we’ll do the job properly! Plus, we're open six days a week and offer a free shuttle service for your convenience (Monday-Friday). Also, our inventory includes most makes and models of windshields. If we don’t have it in stock, it will be available to you the very next day.